SENSE LESS - The Loss of Tactile Culture

the brief / To research, define and explore a specific topic that I feel passionate about. To use visual graphic design to start a conversation and a possible solution to the stated problem. 

the reveal / I chose to explore the loss of tactile culture in today's society; how we, as a whole, are losing our sense of touch with the rise of new technologies. It is not news that our habits of world interaction have changed dramatically in the last twenty years. The way we communicate, engage, shop, and live our lives has become more digital and less analog. I wanted to explore the notion of loss, the nostalgia of times past and the foresight of things to come. The research for the book included personal interviews, insight cards, and various questionnaires. I limited the color palette to blacks, whites and reds, in order to give a sense of mourning, danger, or just plain straight information. For the final look, I chose to produce a velvet sleeve cover with laser cut typography on both sides. The idea is to give the reader the experience of touch and loss at the same time.