the brief / To pick a topic of my choosing and do an in depth research and study worthy of a year and a half work.  The project addresses an objective via an extensive research, creative design thinking, and problem solving.

the reveal / I decided to focus my thesis on the exploration of typography in contemporary ceramic artwork. Since my two undergraduate degrees are in ceramics and literature, I fuse my love for those and focus on what other artists are doing typographically speaking in their ceramic artwork. The main purpose behind this thesis is to educate, motivate and excite other people on the possibilities that typography has on ceramics. Typoramics is mainly aimed at ceramic artists that want to have a go–to place in order to feel inspired to use type in their own work. The final goal for Typoramics is to be the main venue where ceramic artists can share ideas, showcase their artwork and connect with other people interested in typography in a three dimensional way.